About Us

KSH Tutor is an online educational blogging platform. It is dedicated to Student and professional. Here users can share their experience and knowledge in the form of text, images, videos, etc.
All educational content is free for all. We are trying to put only quality content which will be beneficial.
A lot of people want to share their thought of their success in his life which will beneficial for those people who are struggling for success. KSH Tutor is a family for those people.
sometimes, we appear in the interview but we are unable to answer some questions but we remember those questions and when we came home and found the answer from different source and we want to save those answer for future. We can use KSH Tutor. From that way we can not only support me we can also support those people who are similar to us.
Some time we are going to travel any place and we want to store memory which will be beneficial for people. KSH Tutor will be right place .
So, KSH Tutor is for those people who love writing and reading. who want to give good and positive knowledge to society.
Our vision is to reach all people for free education.
Our mission is simple, easy and feasible learning.