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Mysql Provides a lot of inbuilt MySQL functions. But MySQL also provides CREATE FUNCTION syntax for creating loadable programs of MySQL Function.

Syntax:- CREATE [AGGREGATE] FUNCTION [IF NOT EXISTS] function_nam RETURNS                        {STRING|INTEGER|REAL|DECIMAL} SONAME shared_library_name

CREATE FUNCTION requires the INSERT privilege for the mysql system schema because it adds a row to the MySQL.func system table to register the function.

CREATE FUNCTION also adds the function to the Performance Schema user_defined_functions table that provides runtime information about installed loadable functions.

CREATE FUNCTION is also used for the Stored function. So we can say, the MySQL function is a stored program that you can pass parameters into and then return a value.



CREATE FUNCTION Salarycalculation ( base_salary INT )



DECLARE salary  INT;

SET salary = 0;

label1: WHILE salary <= 5000 DO

SET salary = salary + base_salary;

END WHILE label1;

RETURN salary;



For calling this function:-

SELECT Salarycalculation(2000);

For Drop this function:-

DROP FUNCTION Salarycalculation();

For Show all functions from the current database:-

SHOW FUNCTION STATUS WHERE db = ‘databse_name’;

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For more detail about MySQL Create function please read MySQL manual

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