MySQL Encryption or Compression Functions

In MySQL Encryption or Compression Function, we will discuss the AES_DECRYPT Function, AES_ENCRYPT Function, CRC32 Function, ENCRYPT Function, FROM_BASE64 Function, MD5 Function, OLD_PASSWORD Function, PASSWORD Function.

AES_DECRYPT Function:-  AES_DECRYPT Function is used for decrypting an encrypted string. It uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Algorithm. It returns the original string. In case of invalid data. It returns NULL.

Syntax:- AES_DECRYPT(encrypt_str, key_str)

Example:- SELECT AES_DECRYPT(AES_ENCRYPT(‘xyz456’, ‘key_string’), ‘key_string’);

Output:- xyz456

AES_ENCRYPT Function:- AES_ENCRYPT Function is used for encrypting the string using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Algorithm.

Syntax:- AES_ENCRYPT(str, key_str)

Example:- SELECT AES_ENCRYPT(‘xyz456’, ‘key_string’);

Output:- 0xcf742d7a140d469154ecc36fac4b1aaf

CRC32 Function:- CRC32 Function is used to compute a cyclic redundancy check value and return a 32-bit unassigned value. In case of NULL, it returns NULL.

Syntax:- CRC32(exp)

Example:- SELECT CRC32(“kshtutor”);

Output:- 2392954192

ENCRYPT Function:- ENCRYPT Function is used for encrypting strings using a UNIX crypt() system call. In the case of the window system, It will return NULL.

Syntax:- ENCRYPT(str, salt)


SELECT ENCRYPT(‘kshtutor’, ‘decode’);

FROM_BASE64 Function:- FROM_BASE64 Function is used to decode base64 string.

Syntax:- FROM_BASE64(str)

Example:- SELECT FROM_BASE64(‘F2Q0’)

Output:- 0x176434

MD5 Function:- MD5 Function is used to calculate 128-bit MD5 checksum string. It returns 32-bit hexadecimal digits.

Syntax:- MD5(string)

Example:- SELECT MD5(‘kshtutor’)

Output:- 02fb107e31fe5a92b249ab4944ca0299

OLD_PASSWORD Function:- OLD_PASSWORD Function is used for the authentication system to generate hashed passwords from a plain text password string. It returns a 16-byte format binary string.

Syntax:- OLD_PASSWORD(str)

Example:- SELECT OLD_PASSWORD(‘ksh’);

PASSWORD Function:- The PASSWORD Function is used for returning binary strings from plain text passwords. It uses a hashing technique for generating a password. In case of NULL, It returns a NULL value.

Syntax:- PASSWORD(str)

Example:- SELECT PASSWORD(‘ksh’);

Output:- FD0602804190D276DBFFF18ED39204C1E3E53BED

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